Tuesday, April 29, 2008

field trip


I took a few of my students from my ESL class on a field trip to the Long Beach aquarium. They loooooved it. It was pretty cute seeing how excited they got. They are all international students from either Vietnam or South Korea studying abroad. Most of them hardly travel out of the areas where they're living in California, so I figured I'd show them around a bit. After the aquarium, I took them to my favorite Mexican restaurant, Pancho's, a little hole in the wall I've been going to since birth. Everything on the menu was rather foreign to them. It was good practice for them to order in English and they loved the food. It was a fun day. Pretty long, but overall it was an interesting experience. 

I'm really enjoying teaching ESL. I learn a lot from my students as well. Por ejemplo:
  1. In South Korea, all men must serve in the military.
  2. The legal number of children you can have in Vietnam is 2.
  3. Karaoke is an American-modified word derived from the Japanese words "kara," meaning empty, and "okesutora," meaning orchestra. A favorite pastime of Vietnamese and Koreans, and especially my students, is singing Karaoke. 
  4. They sure know how to pose. Especially the Korean students. I felt pretty boring with just a smile to offer up to the camera. 


    Morph This said...

    As an FYI.. I had a really good friend that served in Korea, and we both worked for this Korean company. We left at the same time, and when we did the threw us a good bye party... at LA's finest Karaoke joint.

    It's true, they like it.

    Ron and Ginny said...

    Fun and interesting new info. You are great Danielle.