Thursday, August 27, 2009

stay-cation day 2

One trip to The Container Store, two organized sock drawers, (I don't know if these first two should be included as official stay-cation activities) one matinee, and a couple of never-ending pasta bowls later, and we've come to the conclusion of our stay-cation. As promised, it was quite eventful.
However, today we did bike to 7-11 for Slurpees. I guess if we count working, going to school, and running seemingly pointless errands as the necessary evils of our stay-cations, and throw in some fun here and there, it seems our lives can be perceived as one perpetual stay-cation, can't they? 
Maybe not.  
And maybe next time we'll just go camping.


Galaxy6139 said...

hey your stay-cation is so great ^^ you enjoyed a lot even you are broke :))

sally jo said...

Way to make the most of life before school! I'm proud and happy for you. Lets go to one of Scottie's games together soon.