Thursday, October 15, 2009

best HALLOWEEN songs?

Kiffy came home the other day to find me listening to spooky Halloween sounds. He laughed at me and called me a weirdo (which I am, If you think about it--I mean, who listens to Halloween sounds like doors creeking, creepy organ music, werewolves howling, and creepy children giggling, just for kicks? I do. But I promise it's only a seasonal thing). I attempted to explain that I was constructing the perfect Halloween playlist. I've got my creepy soundscapes, but would like your opinion on other fitting songs that need to be added to the party portion of my playlist.

So far I've got:

"Weird Science"
"Dead Man's Party"
"Rock Lobster"
"Ghost Town"
"Love Will Tear Us Apart"
"Head Over Heels"
"The Monster Mash"
"Somebody's Watching Me"

Herein lies my problem. My list is so sad.


Sara C. Walk said...

the ghostbuster song!!

Cal said...

some ideas:
The Cure- Lullaby (spiderman) amazing!
The Smiths- There is a light that never goes out

FOTC-The Humans are Dead
Tori Amos-Caught a Lite Sneeze
Mum- I have a map of the Piano
Police- Every Breath you take
Talking Heads-Burning Down the House
Was- Walk the Dinosaur (I don't know why)

Or you could just put on a Marilyn Manson CD and really freak Kiffy out. I dare you.

jenn said...

awesome :) i just bought a spooky sounds cd from michael's today. and i have a really cool record too. bring your scary music to the halloween party if you can make it!

Jenny Toone said...

I feel like the teddy bears picnic song has always given me the creeps, you know the one I'm talking about:
"if you go out in the woods today...."
or that could just be me....but the beginning is def creepy...

Jenny Toone said...

Oh, Disturbia by Rihanna is kinda spooky