Monday, October 11, 2010

Asian things and relaxation

I've blogged before about how Little Saigon is an interesting little place with many hidden gems--delish boba places, pho places and whatnot. I might have even mentioned the cheap hour-long massages you can get there. Did I? Maybe, but you're going to hear about them again CAUSE they're just fifteen dollars for one hour! WHAT? Insane. 

They may be advertised as "foot" massages, but foot massages they are not. They do seem a bit sketchy at first, but I assure you that if you overlook the sometimes dingy surroundings, disregard that you are in a room full of other clients simultaneously being massaged, know that the occasional smells of lunch being reheated in the micro will soon disappear with a few squirts of the Fabreeze (they are aware how distracting this can be to you as a client), you'll see that they are legit and will provide you with an hour of heaven that sometimes feels like hell, which includes peaceful nature soundscapes and a strong Korean man (or woman--in my experience the women bring the power a bit more) inflicting a kind of pain that only leads to feeling like jello for the next couple of days--always good.  

I'm telling you, these "foot" masseurs know what they're doing. Those lucky few whom I've brought along with me (Kiffy included) often seem a bit apprehensive at first, but are extremely pleased they tried it out and often come back for more. Yep. I make a point to go monthly. In fact, I treated myself today and am feeling pretty darn fantastic.


ryan and becca said...

sooooo, you're getting TWO this WEEK?! You so crazy, I think I wanna have yo baby!

Danielle Locken said...

Yep, I's so crazaaay!!