Sunday, February 20, 2011

I'm walkin' here

I thought I walked fast, but my pace has been beat.

New Yorkers are some of the speediest walkers I've come across.  I'm telling you, don't get in a New Yorker's way. They have places to be, trains to catch, and don't mess around when it comes to getting to where they are going.  From my observations, they aren't in the business of taking leisurely strolls (except for maybe on the weekends).  Their legs are their transportation and they'll ram into you if, say, your shoulder falls into the line of their path.  I speak from experience. 

Anyhow, this past January, I spent a week in New York with my former New Yorker friend, Kate.  It was freeeeezing cold (like in the 20s freezing), but it was lots of fun.  We bundled up and spent most of our time outdoors, walking really fast and doing touristy things--it was my very first time to New York.  We ate lots of really great food--warm candied nuts from street vendors, pizza in Brooklyn, hot dogs, pasta galore, crepes, and homemade Jamaican food thanks to Sharon, who graciously played host to us while we were there.  

Here are a few photos from our trip! 

Various scenes from Coney Island. Dead in the the winter (for obvious reasons).


jenn (+ will) said...

incredible pics danielle! i've never been :( will loves it.

Rowdy Family said...

oooo! So lovely. I felt like I was there. Can you come to Texas and take some baby pictures for me? xo Celeste

Danielle Locken said...

Celeste! I miss you! Just send me a taxi and I'll be out there next thing! <3 But really, if I'm ever in the area, for sure! :)