Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Us of Late

Slowly, but surely, I'll be moseying my way back into the blogosphere. Welcome to post number one. Now for an update...

Me, I've been spending my days tutoring, schooling, and reading a plethora of American novels (fun) in preparation for my MA comprehensive exam (GUH--thinking of this exam makes me want to double over and hurl). Kiffy has been in a similar boat: teaching Microbiology things at CSULB, thesis proposing, and reading in his lawn chair in the sunshine.

We've also been driving around the newest addition to our family, our (my) new Hyundai Tuscon. She's a beaut! We drove her down to San Diego last weekend to visit with our dear, dear friends, Becca, Ryan, Gweener and Logan. Apparently, last weekend marked some anniversary of something navy-ish, so the Coronado navy base held this air "show," but it was really more like an air "demonstration"; there weren't any exciting, death defying stunts, just simple, um, fly-bys I guess is the word. Yeah, I saw a demonstration of planes flying. It was neat, but not exciting, but that's totally fine 'cause it was a beautiful day, we were with our buddies, and I snuck in a power nap on the cool navy base runway as planes hummed overhead and the crowd watched on with reverence and awe (not at me, but the planes). It was a fun getaway. We ended the day with delicious burgers, a bit of harmless gossip (which Becca and I are suckers for) and Ryan's famous milkshakes. Perfect day.

This weekend reminded me that my favorite seasons, spring and summer, are coming. I come alive in the spring and summer and I'm excited by the signs they're on their way.